Growing Pain

Growth provides a lot of positive value to a business. And it is an important fuel for a start-up like Taggun, as we are building the best receipt OCR one can offer.

But, is growth really all that positive? Growth can also be addictive, unnecessary, and evil. The addiction to chasing some vanity metrics and rankings can drive any normal person to lie and steal. I’ve seen that happen to someone I (used to) respect. It is rather disappointing.

Having said that, I do appreciate every opportunity I have to grow Taggun. And I certainly don’t want to hold the company back from its potential. With my best intention, I want to continue to develop and grow Taggun for a very long time. But I’d be wrong and deluded if I am doing it to get some sort of unmeaningful external validation. I’m doing it because I want to do my best work to serve Taggun’s customers and delivering real value.

I should always remind myself of both the positive and negative impact of the growth can have on me and my team. I have to be critically aware that when I see Taggun’s revenue number going up, it is not all positive. There are certain downsides too. Growing pains – customer satisfaction, code quality, work-life balance and family holiday can all suffer under the pressure of growth.

Be aware of what is really driving you to work hard everyday.