Work around people – not people around work

I’m building a company to work around humans, not the other way round. That was what CK told me the very first time I met him.

Did I really think he meant what he said? Did I fully understand what it would mean for me as a team member? And did I trust him on it?

If I’m honest, I wasn’t sure. Nowadays it seems people say the right things, but when your kid gets sick, can’t go to kindy and you have a deadline, an important meeting, or just something that’s a big deal for the company, then, well…your sick kid becomes the problem and you catch yourself bending over backward to meet the company’s needs in a way that hurts yours.

So the question stood: “Was Taggun a place that worked around humans?”

To answer that I will have to tell you my experience (spoiler alert! If the answer was no, would I be writing on Taggun’s blog?).

I had my second baby. I left the company for six months on maternity leave. And then I came back.

However, I didn’t come back in full force. Hello, I have a six-month-old baby at home that is still fully breastfeeding, hates bottles, and looks at us with disgust every time we offer her solids. Have I mentioned that she doesn’t quite sleep at night? I’m thrilled to get a 3-hour night’s sleep nowadays.

In my head, this was the real test for Taggun. How human-centric are they really?

So I talked to the team. I expressed my desire to come back to work. To have something else to look forward to other than dirty diapers, laundry, and cooking dinner. To use my brain in a different way, to continue to learn and find creative solutions to get us to our goals. I wanted to have a goal that didn’t involve getting through the day. And if you’re passing judgment on my desire to be something more than just a mother – please, it’s 2022.

I told them how many hours I could work a week – at least at the beginning to test it out and sent my schedule because I do need childcare. I basically set my terms and I asked to them work around me.

I’m clearly writing this because the team said yes.

They sent me dinner on my first week back, were fully onboard with what I needed and were happy to reshuffle things, pick up work, and help me get back into the groove.

They were happy with the breastfeeding breaks I had to take in a call. They were happy to give me the space so I could come back to work and make it work for my family. They were happy to do what they had to do in order to support me.

Why is this important? Why did I feel pulled to share this with you?

Because this company that set out to work around humans is actually doing it. This means the team feels supported, empowered, and valued. In turn improving talent retention, productivity, and wellness.

It goes without saying that a team that is feeling good about the company, their job, and their lives will look after their clients. Happy clients will spend more, tell everyone about their great experience, and be loyal.

If it’s all about numbers – and you ask me – then I’d say that it’s a damn good strategy.

And on that note, if you are wanting to implement some AI to automate, modify, or make your product or the life of your team better, book a free call to see how we can help.

Because around here, Taggun works around humans, not the other way around.

Photo by Tolga Ulkan on Unsplash