Our story so far…

Who are we?

Taggun was founded in 2017 to offer the world receipt scanning that doesn’t suck!
We are a remote company based in New Zealand with a small team of 3.
CK and Richard are in Auckland – a city with 50 volcanoes, don’t worry they’re all dormant. And Amanda is in Nelson, renowned for its stunning natural landscapes.

Why we do what we do.

There are lots of corporates that sell lousy software with horrible services, we’ve all dealt with some of these companies. We just want to do better and make Taggun offer great service and software to our customers.

How it all started.

In 2016, CK was helping a New Zealand based company to offer receipt automation. He was surprised that he couldn’t find any receipt OCR services that had a simple pricing plan and was easy to integrate with. So, he rolled out his own receipt OCR services and Taggun was born.

It's 2019, what's been happening?

We are in a steady growth mode, currently serving 43 companies to automate their receipt processing. They range from app startups to insurance companies and big banks. This year, we are entering the new market in China to help with extracting information for FAPIAO receipts.

For fun and profit.

We want to build and deliver things that are fun to work with. And stay profitable to steadily grow as a company for a very long time.

We’d serve our customers until the end of the internet.

We are a profitable bootstrapped startup. We do not have to waste time raising money from investors just to stay in the game. We reinvest our profit back to Taggun to deliver more values to our customers. Our sole focus is to serve you, not the investors. (We don't have any investors anyway!)

Books we recommend.
AKA: The principles we like to follow.

- Principles by Ray Dalio
- Rework by Jason Fried & DHH
- Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh
- Shape Up by Ryan Singer