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can extract key data from a receipt in 2.76 seconds. Faster than a Tesla Model S.
Amount: 23.3
Tax Amount: 3.04
Date: December 22, 2016
Merchant: Adina Apartment Hotel Auckland Britomart
Address: 2 Tapora St, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand
Confidence Level: 0.715897435897436
Bias Location: Auckland, Auckland, NZ
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1. What is the technology behind Taggun?
A: Taggun uses Google Vision API (the most robust OCR text extraction in the market. Yes, I've tested a few). And I build and improve algorithm to extract metadata like purchase amount, tax amount, date, merchant name and etc... from the extracted text. The platform is built on node.js and is hosted on AWS with Docker for speed and scale. See the full stack here.

2. Does Taggun supports receipts from countries other than US and New Zealand?
A: Yes. Taggun can support 56 languages. Caveats: When entering a new other-than-English market, extraction and accuracy rate will be lower. Rest assured, the accuracy rate will improve vastly once I have enough data to train the algorithm.

3. What is your future plan with Taggun?
A: To-do:
[_] Beta-test and launch in April 2017 with Smart Receipts.
[X] Build US and AU data center with geo-redundant active-active cluster with latency-based routing.
[X] Build a publicly accessible benchmark page.
[_] Build algorithm to extract line items description and amounts.
[_] Build intelligent Slack bot for monitoring/testing/alerts purposes and mostly for fun.
* See blog for my thoughts and ideas behind Taggun.

4. Could you give me an approximate pricing?
A: The pricing will be simple and based on monthly volume. My proposal is to set between 0.035 to 0.063 USD per scan. I'm still working out the exact pricing based on feedbacks from a few prospects and I am keen to hear your feedback too.

5. What about security with Taggun?
A: All images are encrypted when with AES256 when in transit and at rest. Taggun does not store any sensitive personally identifiable information (PII). Any non-sensitive information such as IP Address will have standard security safeguards and controls. By the way, there will also be an option available to opt-out storage of any kind.

6. So, what is Taggun? Why do we need this when Google Vision, Microsoft Cognitive Services and other OCR providers already solved the problem?
A: For simple image-to-text OCR scan, Google Vision provides the best OCR results in the market (I tested). But the OCR'ed text are still not perfect. Take for example, "TOTAL $14.53" can be extracted as "T0T AL S14, 53" Taggun does the hardwork to convert these half-garbage text into useful metadata like { totalAmount: 14.53 } . So that apps can work with the data directly.

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