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“We used Taggun to validate receipts as part of our recent Tim Tam consumer promotion. The team were always on hand to support, and the set-up, maintenance and performance of the API was excellent. It was a critical cog in the digital campaign, and drove strong results for our business.”

Nicholas Marsh
The Arnott's Group

From Paris to Tokyo: Tailored OCR Solutions

Taggun OCR has proven success in automating receipt & invoice scanning across 50+ languages and various region specific requirements.

Expense management is an essential aspect of every organisation, ensuring accurate financial tracking and efficient processes. However, manual data entry, receipt fraud, and policy violations hinder productivity and accuracy. That’s where OCR API technology comes into play. Leveraging the power of Receipt and Invoice OCR (Optical Character Recognition), organisations can automate receipt and invoice scanning, revolutionising the way expenses are managed.

Receipt & Invoice OCR

Advanced Receipt and Invoice Scanning

With an OCR API at its core, our expense automation software offers a range of powerful features that transform the expense management landscape.

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Streamlined Receipt Scanning

Our OCR technology enables the automated scanning and extraction of data from receipts submitted by employees for expense reimbursement. Manual data entry becomes a thing of the past, streamlining the entire process and enhancing efficiency.

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Multi-Language Receipt Scanning

The Invoice & Receipt OCR API supports multiple languages (Europe, East Asia and more), ensuring the extraction of data from receipts in various languages, regardless of the country or region. This eliminates language barriers and enables global expense management.

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Country and Region Specific Optimization

We’re already optimised for 85+ languages and ready to handle diverse receipt formats and data types specific to many countries and regions. Our expert team is here to work with you to ensure accurate data extraction in your use case. Contact us about your languages or regional needs.

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VAT Merchant Verification

Our OCR technology offers VIES VAT verification for receipts (Europe and the UK). By validating VAT information, we ensure the legitimacy of the merchant and compliance with tax requirements, minimizing risks and providing peace of mind.

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Receipt & Invoice OCR

Customised Expense Management Solutions

Our OCR technology offers customisation options to cater to unique customer requirements, ensuring a tailored expense management experience.

Expense Type Detection

Our OCR solution goes beyond data extraction and can detect specific expense types, such as alcohol purchases. By triggering alerts or notifications for further review or compliance purposes, organisations can proactively address potential policy violations. Read more about how we work with clients on specific custom solutions.

Duplication Detection

Avoid financial discrepancies with our AI-enhanced OCR solution. By utilizing AI and smart algorithms, we can swiftly identify and flag duplicate receipts at high accuracy, preventing unintentional errors and potential fraud. Say goodbye to manual checks and embrace automated accuracy.

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OCR technology has the power to revolutionise expense management, finance controller automation, and accounts payable processes. By automating data extraction, preventing fraud, streamlining processes, and offering customisation options, our expense management solution provides an unprecedented level of efficiency and accuracy. Embrace the future of expense management with our automated receipt and invoice scanning powered by Taggun receipt OCR.

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