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“We used Taggun to validate receipts as part of our recent Tim Tam consumer promotion. The team were always on hand to support, and the set-up, maintenance and performance of the API was excellent. It was a critical cog in the digital campaign, and drove strong results for our business.”

Nicholas Marsh
The Arnott's Group

Future-Proof Your Business with Our Customisable OCR Solutions

Our products should cover 95% of your needs, and if there’s additional requirements or change of need then we are here to help.

We know the industry and your unique business needs well and have built our API in a way that allows for customisation if required.

We take pride in being specialised enough to offer a personalised service and possessing the expertise to resolve your requirements – even the unknown ones that may arise in the future. Contact us for a chat today.

Why Choose to Partner with Taggun?

Agile Flexibility and Personalised Service

While large tech giants may offer similar services, our specialised focus and commitment to personalisation set us apart. We know that every client is unique, and we’re here to provide solutions that align with your specific needs, both now and in the future.

Agile Flexibility

Unlike large tech companies where you may struggle to get the ear of their product team, we offer the agility to grow and adapt with you. Our approach means we can quickly tailor solutions to your ever-changing needs.

Personalised Solutions

Your success is our priority, and our size allows us to listen to you. We don’t just provide off-the-shelf products; we work closely with you to understand your unique challenges and craft solutions that truly fit.

Proven Track Record

We have industry experience, and a history of going beyond standard OCR and automation solutions. Our clients choose us because they know we can deliver not just for their current needs, but also anticipate and adapt to future demands.

Commitment to Innovation and Collaboration

We bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a collaborative approach. Whether it’s optimising business processes or building beyond standard OCR, we work with you to create something tailored, efficient, and effective.

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You have the vision - we have the tools. Together, we can create the extraordinary.

Why Choose to Partner with Taggun?

A Track Record of Innovation & Collaboration

At Taggun, we understand the complexities and unique needs of today’s enterprise environment. We are committed to providing tailored solutions that align with your specific goals and challenges. Here’s an outline of our key solutions and enhancements, focusing on Receipt and Invoice OCR enhancements, Privacy and Compliance, and Business Automation.

OCR Enhancements

We believe in the power of continuous innovation, especially when it comes to Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Our OCR enhancements are designed to provide you with an edge in processing and interpreting textual data.

Country Specific Enhancements

The Taggun API covers many country specific data points out of the box, such as the Australian Business Number, the Brazilian CNPJ, and VIES VAT number validation. We are ready to work with you to enable extraction of receipt and invoice data points unique to your specific countries such as tax numbers, business numbers numbers, date formats, etc.

Language Enhancements

We offer OCR capabilities that support 60+ languages, enabling global reach. Need accuracy on specific language or dialect? Is the language missing from our category one language list? We can ensure the receipt OCR or invoice OCR meets your unique requirements. Contact us for a chat.

Privacy and Compliance

In an era of stringent data protection regulations, our commitment to privacy and compliance is unwavering.

Server Location Compliance

If your business has specific geographical requirements, such as needing servers in a certain region, we have the flexibility to accommodate this. Our approach ensures alignment with regional data protection laws and customer preferences.

Customisable Privacy Measures

We can tailor privacy controls to meet your specific compliance and security standards, providing peace of mind in a complex regulatory environment.

Partner with us

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