TAGGUN offers receipt OCR API with real-time receipt processing

We have beautifully crafted a set of APIs ready to be integrated with any software product so you can start automatically processing receipts and invoices for your customers.

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Receipt OCR Product Details

What the Taggun Receipt OCR API offers

All Languages

Taggun actively supports all languages. Enjoy global reach out of the box.

Multiple File Formats

We support a variety of file formats, including JPEG, PDF, PNG (8 and 24), GIF, and HEIF, ensuring flexibility in receipt uploads.

High Accuracy + Feedback

Use our feedback endpoints to train our AI for even better accuracy. We love your feedback! We train our AI to win at your use case.

All the Essential Data

Extract essential receipt and invoice data points like total amount, tax amount, merchant details, and dates.

Line Item Data

Get detailed line item data, including product names, quantities, prices. Opt-in for our extra service to extract detailed line item data

Multi-country Support

Need enhanced support for receipt and invoice data specific to a certain country or region? Taggun has you covered.

Machine-only receipt OCR API

Real-time receipt and invoice ocr, processing and fraud detection.

High Accuracy

TAGGUN is built on a no-sweat computer only process to transcribe your receipts. We developed an engine with a smart algorithm, good ol’ regex, NLP, and Machine Learning. We ❤️ statistical benchmarks and continue working to improve our receipt scanning accuracy.

Receipts and Invoices

TAGGUN’s razor-sharp engine can extract information from any format. Whether it is an over-the-counter sales receipt or a digital receipt in a PDF format, TAGGUN can scan and process them all. It also works for quotes, PO’s, invoices, and even bank deposit receipts. Currently supporting all popular file formats: JPG, PNG, GIF and PDF.

Receipt OCR: Expense management & accounting software

Easily integrate with TAGGUN’s API to offer OCR and automated receipt scanning capability to your users. TAGGUN can process receipts and invoices of any format. It can also extract key information like total amount, tax amount, date, reference number, invoice number, and etc.

Receipt Validation: Loyalty programmes, discounts, and rebates apps

TAGGUN can also validate a receipt as a proof of purchase for a supplier. We measure the Levenshtein Distance of keywords to accurately determine the validity of the receipt for a rebate campaign.

Optimise an OCR solution for your specific use case.

See what’s possible in these Receipt OCR Case Studies

Speed and precision in receipt scanning helps Italian businesses’ HR to comply with labour laws

February 3rd, 2020

Using smart receipt processing for added functionality and effectiveness in marketing campaigns.

February 3rd, 2020

Receipt OCR integration generates 80% savings on administrative time

February 3rd, 2020

Waivpay led a $40 million government initiative which ran an OCR powered cash back campaign for Melbourne diners.

February 3rd, 2020

Developer-friendly OCR APIs for mobile apps

Whether you have web applications, mobile apps, or bots, it is super easy to integrate TAGGUN APIs with your applications. You don’t even need an OCR SDK. Just make that API call, supported in C#, Java, Android or iOS. The APIs follow OpenAPI specification 2.0 and offers Swagger documentation and tester so you can get started very quickly. Help documentation, code examples, Postman collections, and developer support are all readily available.