The Power of Zero-Party Customer Purchase Data

Revolutionising customer insights and market strategies with customer loyalty programs, receipt data and market basket analysis.

“We used Taggun to validate receipts as part of our recent Tim Tam consumer promotion. The team were always on hand to support, and the set-up, maintenance and performance of the API was excellent. It was a critical cog in the digital campaign, and drove strong results for our business.”

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Turning Receipts into Relationships

Zero-party data refers to the treasure trove of information that customers willingly and explicitly provide to brands, encompassing their preferences, interests, and buying behaviors.

In today’s fragmented marketing environment, including increased privacy controls and disappearing third-party cookies, brands are seeking new ways to understand and connect with their customers. The shift to a permission-based data collection has made zero-party customer data a vital resource.

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Zero-Party Receipt Data – Value and Applications

Receipt data represents a valuable source of insights for the brand, not only regarding the customer’s relationship with their products but also potentially revealing broader shopping habits and preferences that could be leveraged for personalised marketing and product development.

Personalised Marketing

Craft highly personalised marketing campaigns by utilising zero-party purchase data, allowing precise targeting based on customer preferences and purchasing behavior.

Insights and Predictive Analytics

Use itemised purchase data and market basket insights for forecasting customer behavior, facilitating data-driven decisions and proactive strategies.

Product Development

Customer shopping insights inform customer-centric product development, enabling businesses to stay ahead of market trends and customer needs.

Market basket analytics

Receipt Validation Integration

Collecting Zero-Party Customer Purchase Data via Receipt Based Campaigns

Today, we wish to share with you a groundbreaking method for collecting this valuable data: Receipt OCR driven campaigns.

Taggun OCR revolutionizes customer engagement by enabling brands access to zero-party customer purchase data through receipt OCR powered receipt based campaigns, delivering personalized marketing and data-driven insights for brands, marketers, and retailers.

Compliance with Privacy Regulations

The use of Taggun technology in a well designed offering ensures a permission-based approach in collecting zero-party data. Enhance trust, ensure compliance, and align with the values of a more privacy-conscious world.

Leveraging loyalty and rewards campaigns for better customer understanding is a reality waiting to be embraced with Receipt OCR.

How it works

Wondering how we transform customer loyalty into actionable data? Let’s break down how to leverage your promotions to gather zero-party purchase insights.

Devise Your Campaign

A brand conceives of a novel loyalty or rewards campaign based on certain purchase criteria.

Set Campaign Rules

The custom campaign rules are loaded into the Taggun receipt scanning software. The Receipt Validation feature makes unique campaign ideas a reality.

API Integration

The Taggun receipt scanning API is integrated with the brands customer facing website or app. It’s easy to set up, and well documented.

Customer Onboarding

A customer agrees to participate in the loyalty campaign by sharing their details and uploading their receipt to the promotion landing page or app.

Receipt OCR & Validation

The Receipt OCR API uses accurate line item OCR to extract all the purchase data and validate it based on the campaign rules.

Instant Gratification

The customer receives near instant confirmation for an engaging and memorable experience with the brand.

Zero-Party Data

The brand retains the receipt transactional data, including pricing, merchant information and  cross basket purchase data.

Zero-Party Customer Purchase Data Derived from Receipts

Let’s review the types of Zero Party Data accessible via receipt loyalty campaigns, receipt scanning and intelligent OCR.

Submitted via the campaign portal and the uploaded receipts, this type of customer linked data includes personal identifiers such as name, email, and phone number, as well as the full receipt and cross basket purchase information. This gives brands a highly valuable set of data because it combines the explicit preferences of the customer with their transactional behavior, allowing for very precise personalisation and targeting in marketing or service offerings. In aggregate it gives brands invaluable insights into their customers’ behavior, preferences, and spending patterns.

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Amplify Your Strategy with Zero-Party Purchase Insights

Let’s go deeper into the diverse use cases where brands and marketing agencies can harness the power of zero-party transactional data. With line item OCR technology at their fingertips, they can unlock a myriad of possibilities that fuel market research, consumer insights, and drive business growth.

Transactional Data for Customer Segmentation

The analysis of Itemized Purchase Data offers a goldmine of information for customer segmentation. By scrutinizing purchasing behavior, preferences, and spending patterns, businesses can identify different customer segments and target them with tailored marketing campaigns. The era of mass marketing is giving way to hyper-targeted strategies that resonate with specific customer groups.

Example: An FMCG brand producing dairy products used itemized purchase data to identify a segment of customers who frequently purchased lactose-free options. Armed with this insight, the brand introduced a new range of lactose-free yogurts, targeting ads specifically at this customer segment.

Crafting Exceptional Experiences through Customer Purchase Data

Imagine a marketing campaign that feels like it was crafted just for you – a campaign that understands your preferences and interests on a granular level. Zero-party receipt data fuels personalized marketing campaigns, enabling businesses to create exceptional experiences, tailored recommendations, and targeted promotions. Personalization is the key to unlocking customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Example: A leading FMCG brand of snack foods noticed through zero-party receipt data that a segment of their audience often paired their chips with specific types of beverages. The brand then collaborated with a beverage company for a co-marketing campaign, offering personalized bundle deals, increasing sales and consumer appreciation.

Strengthen Customer Loyalty with Customer Purchase Insights

Understanding customers’ preferences and expectations through a brands own customers transaction data allows businesses to design loyalty programs, exclusive offers, and personalized incentives. By analyzing receipt data, companies can foster customer loyalty, driving repeat purchases and establishing a strong bond between customers and brands. Know your customers, and exceed expectations.

Example: Leveraging receipt data, a skincare brand identified that many of their loyalty members purchase moisturizers but not the complementary facial cleansers. Using the contact details from the loyalty program, they sent targeted emails offering a special discount on facial cleansers, highlighting the benefits of a complete skincare routine. This not only boosted sales but also educated customers on product usage.

Pioneering Business Growth with Market Basket Analysis

Receipt data holds further value beyond understanding of the individual customer. Itemized purchase data enables market basket analysis. This provides a foundation for predictive analytics, informs product development, competitive analysis, tailored promotions and improved loyalty programs. Zero-party customer purchase data is a valuable wellspring of knowledge that brings added meaning to running loyalty campaigns.

Example: A conglomerate of FMCG brands utilized market basket analysis on receipt data and discovered that their toothpaste brand was often bought alongside their brand of mouthwash but not their floss. They then initiated a marketing campaign promoting the benefits of comprehensive oral care, bundling the toothpaste with floss at discounted prices.

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Valued features

Instant purchase validation

Enable real-time purchase validation at scale for immediate rewards and campaign offers. With our API, customers can validate their purchases instantly, driving engagement and satisfaction. 

AI receipt fraud detection

Leverage the power of AI to detect receipt fraud while reducing costs on your campaigns. Our API automates the validation process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency at any volume.

All merchants and receipt formats

No matter the merchant or the format, Taggun technology recognises and validates every receipt. Get rid of the headaches caused by disparate formats with one streamlined solution.

Fast campaign setup

Simplify the setup of your loyalty campaigns with pre-configured validation rules and robust validation capabilities. This allows your marketing team to focus their energy on great UX.

Embrace the era of Zero-Party Data

With Tagguns validation API with line item OCR, marketers can now run efficient and engaging campaigns while also harnessing transactional details from receipts, leveraging a path in customer insights and strategies. This shift empowers businesses to deepen customer relationships, enhance engagement, and uncover previously unseen growth avenues. Start your journey to success with receipts.

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