Receipt Validation for proof of purchase

In the last 4 weeks, we’ve spoken to 5 clients/prospects who each have plans to launch or enhance digital loyalty apps using TAGGUN as the fully automatic receipt scanning provider to validate customers’ receipts as proof of purchase.

They are from different industries: consumer goods suppliers, distributors, customer engagement platform and shopping mall operators. They share a common goal: to improve customer engagement and promote brand loyalty.

Innovative loyalty programs with great customer experience are increasingly important for a business to drive revenue. Last year, Starbucks executives attributed to their loyalty program as the key driver in its record financial results, which included a 26% rise in profit and an 11% jump in total revenue.

But, we hear some common challenges for digital loyalty apps:

  • They find it difficult to engage with customers directly without partnering/intergrating with the retailers.
  • And it is painful to work with different retailers. Too many retailers to align with. And each of them has completely different point-of-sales (POS) systems and processes.
  • They are concerned with fraud.
  • They want a solution that works well enough for a pilot launch and can scale for different brands and countries.
  • They want to offer a complete and integrated CX with existing/new apps to their customers.

Looking at the above, it’s important to note that the list is only related to the receipt scanning feature. I admit that we are biased by only listing the problems we are able to help with.

TAGGUN’s receipt scanning for digital loyalty solutions.

We help companies offer loyalty points or redemptions with multiple retailers with ease by validating receipts of different formats as proof of purchase. Working closely with our clients, we help to build custom models with specific product name keywords to target and extract line item details from retailer receipts. It typically takes our clients less than 6 weeks to launch a pilot marketing campaign with receipt scanning by working with us.

How TAGGUN builds custom models?

TAGGUN helps key clients to extract specialised information from receipts and invoices with specific business requirements by building a customised Machine Learning Model.

First, we prepare the files and multiple data sets to follow TAGGUN’s standard and consistent data sets for training and measurement.

Using supervised learning methods, we generate NER models and Classification models for identifying specific keywords and data on the receipts and invoices for your business requirements. During this step, we would measure and improve the performance of each model based on your sample files.

The final models will be implemented in TAGGUN’s web API application and deployed. The custom extraction feature built for your business needs is only available on your account’s API key.

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