Bots Mean Business

I have planned to invest my time and energy to learn and build bots for the next 3 months. No, I’m not talking about robots like C3PO; I’m talking about intelligent chat bots for business purposes. A chat bot that can answer everyday business questions like:

  • “What is the estimated AWS burn rate this month?”
  • “How many customers signed up yesterday?”
  • “Are there any errors in production this morning?”

I think business owners need a single tool to check the organisation’s pulse everyday. And a chatbot can be the answer. We get bombarded with information from so many different platforms. Every morning, for me to understand what is happening with Taggun and decide what I need to focus on next. I have to:

  • Check AWS billing to see if there are any spike charges
  • Check Google Cloud Console for billing and monitoring
  • Check my Gmail to see if there are any new prospects
  • Check Google Analytics for new links or referral
  • Log on NewRelic for production monitoring
  • Check Loggly for any error logs

6 different platforms, over 40 mouse clicks. The process is tedious and laborious. The idea is to build an intelligent bot that could answer all that for me in one place. I would ask “@bot, tell me what’s happening?”

And the bot replies, “AWS forecast to cost $712.32, more than double last month. Your API has increased to 1000 rpm, double the average throughput. No new users. No new prospects. No errors to report.”

The bot has analysed data from all the platforms I am using, gives me a quick summary and tells me what is out of ordinary. And if my Spidey senses start tingling and says… Fuck! I am getting hacked!! I can drill in further to find out more by asking “@bot, which user has the highest request this week?”.

There, a perfect use of bots collecting up-to-date information from multiple platforms and presenting only those that require attention for business owners. And it is very feasible to build one with the technologies available now: api.aibotkit and Slack bot. I just need to block off my time to build this bot. “@bot, block off 1 hour each day in my calendar to build you.” Watch this space…