Retrospective on April 2017

A lot has happened in April 2017. Taggun is gaining a lot of traction. Early success like this is a true validation of the market demand + razor sharp 🔪 algorithm behind Taggun’s OCR receipt scanning engine.

  • Taggun was featured on BetaList. 63 users signed up and I received a lot more overwhelming positive responses like:

“Your application passed with flying colors on the few I ran through it.”

“I tried the demo on your website and was super impressed.”

“I used the trial on your website and was impressed with how it worked.”

  • SmartReceipts is now rolling out a beta version to its 100,000 users to provide ability to OCR scan receipts using Taggun’s API.
  • TAGGUN LIMITED is now incorporated as a company in New Zealand. Shizz just got real!

CK Lee
Technical Founder at TAGGUN

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